A view over the River Teign - David Gibbeson Photography

A Bank on the River Teign

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Looking across the River Teign I spotted this scene on the riverbank opposite. I spent a lot of time looking for details in the woodland that I could create compositions with. In this one I think a few elements work well together. It was still raining a little after I took this photo of the dirt track. Not only do I like the light and colours, I also like the dramatic shape of the tree. More subtle details that I also like are the fern in centre of the bank and the river itself. I had to compose the shot so that the river was not the dominant element in the composition, while keeping it obvious that the scene was a riverbank.

I quite like how the photo turned out. I have a few other shots that I may post in the coming days. I’m looking forward to returning to the same spots in the coming weeks to see how the season changes this wonderful woodland.


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